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TAG Performance Loan

A TAG Performance Loan puts you in a position to secure on-demand, same-day funding when needed. Our approvals are based on the recent performance of your business, using bank statements rather than business tax returns.
Why A TAG Performance Loan?
We understand that as a business owner, you will constantly be faced with unexpected expenses and time sensitive opportunities. TAG Performance Loans are easy to qualify for and quick to the finish line.
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TAG Line Of Credit

Our TAG Line Of Credit is a fully amortized, revolving line of credit. Draw what you need, pay interest only on what you draw. Interest stops immediately once your draw is paid in full. No pre-payment penalty!
As a business owner, having piece of mind is extremely important. By having a line of credit “waiting in the wings”, funds will always be available at your disposal if a need or opportunity arises.
TAG LOC Benefits
  • Flexibility – Draw Whenever You Need
  • Fully Amortized
  • No Collateral Required
  • Customized Terms – Tailored to YOUR Business
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TAG Term Loan

Looking for a long-term loan with monthly repayment options? Our TAG Term Loan is the ideal product to grow and scale your business.
Why a TAG Term Loan
Merchants with strong financials and excellent credit want access to the best possible rates & terms on the market. A TAG Term Loan provides a single digit interest rate along with a multi-year term. Once you make a return on your investment, we offer the flexibility of paying your note off early with no pre-payment penalty.
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TAG Business Credit Builder

TAG’s Business Credit Builder helps you secure $50,000+ in credit using only your Business Tax ID Number, while establishing and enhancing your business credit profiles along the way.
Why Build Your Business Credit?
Most business owners do not have a strong business credit score, taking themselves out of the market for local bank loans, SBA loans, business lines of credit, commercial mortgages, equipment and vehicle purchases. TAG’s BCB Program puts your business at the forefront to qualify for the best possible rates & terms on the market. Whether your business has been in existence for 30 days or 30 years, TAG will enhance your business credit profile on Dun & Bradstreet and Experian, taking your Paydex and Intelliscore to the next level.
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TAG Merchant Processing

TAG’s Merchant Processing platform will lower your credit card processing fees, enabling business owners to save hundreds to thousands of dollars per month.
Why use TAG’s Merchant Processing Services?
Most business owners pay anywhere from 3-4% in monthly fees to accept and process credit card transactions. TAG will lower that amount. In addition to putting hundreds to thousands of dollars back in your pocket on a monthly basis, TAG also offers state of the art software, terminals, and user interface options. By staying ahead of the curve and providing the most up to date technology, TAG ensures that your business will run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.
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TAG Equipment Financing

TAG Equipment Loan is perfect for purchasing your next piece of equipment or commercial vehicle. TAG understands the importance of having up-to-date equipment to help your business run at maximum efficiency.
Why a TAG Equipment Loan?
TAG allows you to finance the equipment over a long period of time with a manageable monthly payment. This is more beneficial than making a lump sum cash payment to purchase the equipment which will hurt your cash flow. By using the equipment as collateral, TAG can offer the most competitive rates and terms in the industry.
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TAG Start-Up Funding

Start-Up Funding with TAG is available for newly formed businesses through our Business Credit Builder Program. TAG will establish your entity, build credit depth, and supply $50,000 in business credit.
Why utilize our BCB Program to help establish your start-up?
Starting a new business is always a difficult venture, especially with zero business credit established, businesses can be disqualified from the business lending marketplace. As a new business owner, you never want to use your own money to fund your business. You never want to use your personal credit/SSN to fund your business. TAG’s Business Credit Builder Program allows our clients to secure $50,000 in credit for your new business. We keep “Business” completely separate from “Personal”.
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TAG Self-Employed Home Loans

Purchase or re-finance a property today with No Tax Returns Required! Our TAG Self-Employed Home Loans are designed specifically for business owners. We understand that borrowers should not be denied the opportunity of homeownership because they don’t meet the stringent requirements that traditional lenders require. Apply now

TAG Commercial Property Loans

As a self-employed business owner, TAG helps you take advantage of commercial purchase and re-finance opportunities. We can facilitate commercial property transactions without business tax returns. Apply now

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Your TAG advisor will customize our product line to meet the immediate needs of your business, while also improving your overall business profile for future transactions


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Have funds into your account within 24 hours. Make a return on your investment, and scale your business with ease

About us

TAG is a boutique business development firm whose work concentrates on providing the best possible financial options to small businesses across the United States. For over 15 years, TAG has helped its clients scale their businesses in an expedited manner with ease. The Accredited Group prides itself on customer service. Our customers ALWAYS come first. It’s that simple.

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