About TAG

TAG is a boutique business development firm whose work concentrates on providing the best possible financial options to small businesses across the United States.

For over 15 years, we have helped our TAG clients scale their businesses in an expedited manner with ease.

Our Customers Come First…

The Accredited Group prides itself on customer service. Our clients ALWAYS come first. It’s that simple. We customize all of our products to ensure that we maximize the ROI for each and every one of our clients. We do not stop until our clients are 100% happy & satisfied.

TAG has perfected a “Roadmap to Success” which helps its clients secure financing, build their business credit, purchase properties (including investment properties), and become self-sustaining. Once TAG achieves this feat hand in hand with clients, we (together) have reached our ultimate goal: the business no longer needs additional investment to remain economically viable.

step 1

Meet your TAG Business Consultant

Meet the team member that will get you and your business to the finish line in a hurry!

step 2

Performance Loan

Quick funding to help your business grow and return an immediate profit on your investment

step 3

Merchant Processing

Reduce credit card processing fees and put money back into your pocket to reinvest back into your business

step 4

Build Business Credit

Build your EIN number and become bankable, no more signing personally for business matters

step 5

Secure a Business Line of Credit

Have a revolving line of credit at your disposal in case a need or opportunity arises

step 6

Purchase a Home

Secure your dream home through TAG’s Self Employed Mortgage Program. No tax returns required!

step 7

Purchase Investment Properties

Build Your Empire. Let TAG help you grow your portfolio

step 7

Purchase Investment Properties

Your business is now self-sustaining and no longer needs additional investment to remain economically viable. You also own a portfolio of properties producing residual rental income